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Welcome to the Ultimate Concise Guide to Moving to Thailand

Are you the kind of person who is tired of working a 9 to 5 job in the Western world? Are you working for the man, earning a yearly salary that just about covers your living cost, and maybe provides you with enough left over to take a vacation every year? Have you ever considered leaving your home country behind and relocating to a country which can give you a far higher quality of life?

If you can answer "yes" to any of these questions, then you really should consider Thailand as a place which could possibly become your new home.

Thinking about becoming an expat in Thailand? Do you have what it takes?

Thailand is a fairly well developed nation, certainly better developed than its neighbors Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia. This level of development means that although Thailand is still far behind the Western world in the form of public amenities, telecommunications, public services and transportation, it does still provide every modern convenience required to live a full, comfortable and modern life.

Possibly the main attraction of becoming an expat and moving to Thailand, is the increased spending power of your money, when converting from your own currency, to the Thai Baht. Typically most things will be one fifth to one quarter of the price that you are used too paying at home, with some items costing far less. Put simply, a person with even a modest pension or other form of residual income will find they can live a very comfortable life in Thailand on these minimal funds.

The Cost of Living in Thailand

Thai culture and history are fascinating, and the local people can be friendly. Indeed, Thailand has earned the title Land of Smiles, and there is good reason for this. Certainly no other nation in South East Asia has such a reputation for the good hearts of its people. From simple rice farmers in lazy Isaan, to taxi drivers in busy Bangkok, you can be assured of being greeted with a smile and a wai.

Thai Society

If you enjoy food, you will love Thailand. Thai food is one of the tastiest culinary styles on the world. Standard national favorites and local specialty dishes are all prepared from fresh ingredients, which are purchased daily from the local market. If you prefer something a little closer to the taste of home, then every major city has a selection of Western restaurants, as well as the typical fast food chains such as McDonalds and KFC.

Thai Food

Thailand is beautiful country throughout its length and breadth. From the mountainous regions in the north, still settled by remote hill tribes, to the white sandy beaches of the southern islands, fringed by bamboo plants and coconut trees. To the north and east lays Isaan, the world's largest rice growing region, a timeless place, where the land appears to have changed little in hundreds of years.

The nightlife in Thailand can be truly amazing. Bangkok has a range of world class bars, restaurants and nightclubs, as you would expect from a large capitol. Other areas, such as Pattaya, Phuket and Koh Samui, cater for the tourist industry, and can be enthralling places to live, work and play.

Thai Night Life & Girls

Overall, Thailand offers an exceptional experience for those looking to change their lives and relocate to a new part of the world. Although quite difficult to pick up at first the Thai language is very straightforward, and most expats find them speaking conversational Thai within a few months of living in the country.

The Thai Visa Situation

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