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The Bar Scene

Although Thailand is famous for its beaches, temples, smiling faces and sub-tropical climate, its infamy lay within its provocative and vibrant nightlife scene. People who have never visited this country before always use the default setting of neon-lit bars full of dusky scantily clad maidens and ladyboys luring hopeful middle aged men inside their den of iniquity.

While that is somewhat an overbearing stereotype, the throbbing pulse of Thailand's tourism industry is definitely defined by the effervescent beer bar scene. Thailand has the unfortunate mantle as the number one sex-tourism destination on the world, and it's hard to downplay that suggestion.

The girls who work in these bars are always judged and labelled "prostitutes" by the western media, without any thought to why they are plying this trade. Mainly, the girls come from poor and rural areas of northern Thailand to make money to feed their poverty stricken families back home.

The simple fact is that Thais don't regard sex as something so sacred as some western nations — it's just another bodily function! Who are we to judge who does what, where and when with their own body?

The girlie bar scene is big business and attracts men of all ages to sample its hedonistic qualities. The main place such entertainment can be found is limited to Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui and the infamous sex capital of the world, Pattaya. Massage parlours are scattered over the entire nation, with Thai men making up the vast percentage of casual sex trade users.

Beer/Girlie Bars

The beer/girlie bars are establishments where men or women can pay a "hostess" a predetermined fee for sexual favors or just for company. The girls who work in the bars will try and seduce potential customers into buying them drinks, and taking them out of the bar for "short time" or "long time". Prices differ from location to location depending upon the standard of living within that region.

If you want to procure a lady from one of these bars, you must firstly pay a "bar fine" in order for the girl to leave the bar with you. The bar fine prices range from between 200 Baht — 2,000 Baht depending on where you are. Once you have paid the fee, it is your decision where you take the lady. You may decide to have a meal, go to another bar or the most common option — take them to your hotel room for a night of passion.

You will have to pay more money for the latter option, which could mean 500baht — 1,500 baht for a short time or 1,000 baht — 2,500 baht (depending on location) for an overnight liaison.

The most famous sex trade areas in Bangkok are Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza and Pat Pong. In Phuket you would find it on Bangla Road, whilst virtually every square inch of Pattaya is covered in girlie bars, with the highest concentration of working girls in the world.


Obviously, you need to take care when paying for sex. Wearing a condom is a must. Other dangers include being robbed for your money. It is not uncommon for a man to be drugged, waking up in the morning with his passport and money gone! The easiest way to avoid these scenarios is to take a girl from a bar, instead of the hundreds that walk the streets "freelancing". Although 99% of the girls are honourable and wouldn't steal from you, there is always that 1% that will. Please take care.

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